JIA Calligraphy II Cutlery Set of 4


JIA Calligraphy II Cutlery Set of 4

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The designer adopted the strong calligraphic lines of Shou Jing Ti, a font created by Emperor Song Hui Zong, in the design of this cutlery set.

A crafted balance between the sturdiness of recycled stainless steel with the art of Chinese calligraphy is created, every meal is a feast of aesthetics and sustainability.

The fluent curves express the calligraphy lines

  • New flat design handle, you can see the smooth lines of calligraphy when looking down, and the grip is more comfortable.
  • The black handle shows the color of the ink and reflects the soft halo under different light, showing the richness and depth of the ink marks.

Delicate and smooth touch

  • The stainless steel handle is coated with a matte black finish, which isolates the coldness of the metal. The cutlery has a more balanced weight overall, and the surface is less likely to leave fingerprints. 
  • The mirror polishing process is not easy to rust and results in a smooth and shiny surface. 
  • Fine polished rounded edges without scratching hands. 
  • Spoon: The rounded triangle design is better for entrance, and the deeper the spoon body is better for serving food.
  • Knife: The blade features rounded edges and serrated teeth to achieve a balance of safety and sharpness.
  • Fork:The hand-polished is delicate and smooth, and the curved design noodles are not easy to slip off and the sauce is easy to attach.
  • Coffee Spoon:Lightweight and beautiful, suitable for use as a snack spoon, a stirring spoon, or even as a baby food.

Gift box packaging

  • The gift box uses JIA Inc.'s classic dark red color and incorporates Eastern symbols of good luck and blessings.


  • Knife | 23x2.2cm
  • Fork  | 21x3cm
  • Spoon | 21x4.2cm
  • Coffee Spoon | 13x2.5cm

Use & Care

  • Do NOT use metal brushes to avoid surface damage.
  • Hand wash with mild detergent and sponge recommended. Wipe dry with a piece of soft cloth
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Do NOT heat. Not recommended as cooking tool, only to be used as dinnerware.

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