JIA Hand Drip Coffee Set W01 White


JIA Hand Drip Coffee Set W01 White

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Designed with novice users and expert brewers in mind, the JIA Inc.Hand Drip Coffee set adopts Eastern design language into a Western coffee lifestyle. The collection includes two types of innovative double-wall ceramic drippers, server, dripper sit & ring, together completing all you need for a cup of perfect coffee. The double-wall dripper offers the best heat retention that ensures the best hand-pour coffee experience.

Product Advantages

  • Double-layer ceramic filter cup gives easy control over water temperature for a perfectly brewed coffee.
  • The glass server was inspired by a traditional Chinese teapot that is heat resistant and ergonomically designed.
  • The bamboo ring can be used in combination with various other pots and cups.

Product Specification


  •    Filter Cup Ø10.3 X 6.8 (H) cm
  •    Server 17.7 X 10.6 X 10.2 (H) cm, 500 ml
  •    Sit & Ring Ø11 X 3.4 (H) cm,  100ml

Material: Ceramic, mouth-blown glass, bamboo

Designer: Shikai Tseng


Steps for Hand Drip Coffee

  • Filter for 1-2 cups, medium-coarse ground coffee 18g, water 90-92℃.
  1. Pour water slowly over the coffee, starting from the center to the outer rim of the grounds and moving in a steady spiral. As hot water first hits the grounds creating a blossoming effect. Give the coffee around 30 seconds to drip before moving on to the second pour.
  2. Starting from the center of the ground, pour in a steady spiral toward the outer edge and then back toward the center. Be sure to pour all the way out to the edge over the ripples in the filter. And make sure all the grounds are rinsed evenly.
  3. Keep pouring water to the 80%capacity of the dripper.
  4. After the water and coffee from the third pour completely drain, finish your final pour to your desired amount.
  5. After you reached the recommended ratio (18g coffee to 270ml water), remove the dripper from the server, rest the dripper on the exclusive dripper sit & ring to prevent coffee drip on the table.


Coffee Dripper W01 (double-wall)

  • Rinse the inside of the dripper with warm water. Discard the water afterward and place a wave filter in the dripper. Wave filter model #155 is recommended.
  • Add grounded coffee to the filter. No more than 20g at a time is recommended. The suggest the coffee-to-water ratio is 1:15
  • Pair the W01 dripper with a wave filter to increase extract efficiency and even brew.
  • The double-wall porcelain dripper presents excellent heat retention. It is designed with strategically placed grooves and features multiple openings at the bottom to ensure an even coffee extraction.
  • The dripper W01 is easy to use, even for amateur brewers. It is suitable for both light and dark roast coffee.


  • The round shape of the server is easy to swirl to mix the coffee mixture evenly. The design of the oriental handle stick is heat resistant and easy to grip.

Coffee Dripper sit & ring

  • The exclusive dripper sits &ring is a set of bamboo ring holders and a glass container.
  • Suggest using the dripper with the bamboo ring holder when brewing coffee with a mug or other containers.


  • It is recommended to rinse the dripper with warm water before use.
  • Handle with care to prevent breakage or damage.
  • The bamboo ring is made of natural material. Hand wash and air drying are recommended. Do not store it in humid conditions.

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